About us

Encompass Lighting LLC 

First of all we would like to thank you for browsing our website.  Our prior goal is to satisfy all of your demand either on seasonal lighting, or commercial/residential light, and we can do with the the entire supports made directly from our associated partners in this industry.  We strive on complete customer satisfaction, Lowest Prices, Highest Quality, and most importantly, Top notch customer service.  Being joint-invested group by the end manufacturers in China, our clients will never have to worry about being pressured into buying more than the need, or paying much than their budget.  We will present and sell our clients EXACTLY what they need to do the right job.  We offer the largest selection of seasonal lighting for home, landscape, business and residential needs together with the commercial lighting required.

Three reasons for our clients will never regret doing business with Encompass Lighting.

1.     1. 100% of our seasonal lighting and commercial lighting products are made with UL, NOM, ETL certified.  

2.     2. We offer the warranties of commercial lighting products in the business, and the RGD supports to the major clients of  Direct FOB Purchase for either of seasonal or commercial lighting products.

3.     3. Any questions, problems against any of our products, our local reps or technical employee can do the serve efficiently to ensure the customer’s satisfaction.

Our Standard Incandescent Christmas Light String unit, various LED Christmas Light String unit, Rope Lighting, LED Tape Lighting, LED Flex Neon Lighting, Solar Power Lighting products etc. are the best in the industry, and we offer the unbeatable prices !!

Due to the increasing demands from our customers and market, we have developed our two additional categories including LED Holiday Lighting (Premium Designs, Quality Lighting for Christmas, Halloween etc.), and Auto Lighting Products to meet with the eagerness updated.

We also do the OEM & ODM project for the major retailers, branding clients, & which is serving from either of the join-venture partner’s factory in China to be executed through high-standard factory audit conducted & verified by S.G.S., SEDEX etc..

We welcome our customers feedback and concerns.  Encompass is promising to be always on the side with the customers, supporting the customers happy, comfortable on each deal through Encompass Lighting LLC.

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